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Monday, September 02, 2013

My First Weekend

My first weekend here in Mexico actually wasn't too bad. I'm staying with a family my dad knew from his mission and they are some of the most fun and kindest people I know. We're always laughing and having a good time. The dad is Iker and the mom is Monica and they have 3 kids. The oldest boy is Iker Jr. and he's married to a super cute girl, Sue, and they have a baby also named Sue, and everyone calls her Su-eh because they pronouce their "e's" like eh's so it's really funny because their names aren't just Su like in English. The Mexcians say a lot of things that make me laugh. Then they have 2 daughters, Daya, who is a little older than me, and Leslie, who is also 19. I room with Daya and so far whenever we go to bed we always end up talking (in Spanish of course) about random things and then we don't wake up on time in the mornings because we are so tired! (Every morning we say we're going to run and we never do...haha).

The Aguilar family always has people over! They are so popular! They have tons of family and friends and it's kind of nerve racking to speak to everyone in Spanish but I'm doing okay so far. I can understand a lot of what the people here are saying (except for when they speak really fast) and I'm able to talk back to everyone. I just think the only thing I need to do is learn more verbs and vocab so I can talk to everyone about more things, and Daya always tells me that too. It's good because the family doesn't speak any English to me so I learn Spanish a lot faster. Also, none of you need to worry about safety here. I'm never alone and the family is keeping me very safe and protected, haha. Well here's some pictures from this weekend!

(Thanks to Chuck Cooley for taking so many photos! Most of these are from his camera, so I can't take credit for them).

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The first night with the family Aguilar. They loved the treats from California! 

Teaching English.

 The family I'm staying with. Some of the most fun and nicest people ever. 
I'm so lucky I get to stay with them.

 Teotihuacan Pyramids:

The Coca-Cola is so good here! I hate it in the U.S. 

El angel is in the center of Mexico City, DF.

how the water is filtered

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  1. I love the pictures of you and your dad! Missing you again already. Have a wonderful time and learn a lot. Take lots of pictures of food for your mom;)
    Love you bunches <3