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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Día de Independencia

This weekend was filled with so many activities in celebration of Mexico's Independence Day. Friday, we went to the church's "noche de Mexico" fiesta with food, entertainment, and dancing (at any event there's always dancing). Saturday we went to a huge 50th birthday celebration for Leslie's boyfriends dad (also included lots of delicious food and dancing). The party started at 3pm and basically ended at 1 in the morning..the Mexicans seriously know how to party. Sunday, the actual Independence Day, we visited an amazing and huge Cathedral, and outside the church was tons of food, a concert, Mexican markets, and then we headed to their families house where we ate wonderful food, hung out and danced with the family. It was an super fun, and exhausting weekend! Viva Mexico!

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Saturday, Sept. 14

Sunday, Sept. 15

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