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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Internets Back On! And so are the Mexican Parties

We didn't have internet for a while so I could only check my facebook and email and occassionaly instagram on the church's wifi like twice a day or so. But all is well now and I can post some pictures.

So pretty much every weekend we've gone to some kind of party. Birthday party, Independence Day party, church parties, dances, you name it, our weekend nights are filled with some fun activity. I've, also, almost mastered cumbia and salsa dancing so I'll gladly teach all of you when I'm back :) It's actually really fun and we dance at every party so I love it.

Church Choir. They always have to match in their choirs...maybe part of that is to compensate for them not being able to sing too well haha.

Party Pics:

For the girls, it's all about the shoes here.

Saw missionaries close to our home getting transferred as well as fresh missionaries out of the MTC too! It was so fun to talk to them, also because soon that's going to be me!

Went to an English class with Leslie...pretty boring.

Street food. If anyone wants some amazing food, come to Mexico.

Any any college they have an indoor workout area and outdoor as well. The treadmills and such are all metal! Crazy.

Here we're tipping the people who work in parking lots. They blow whistles when you're parking or backing up to help you while driving so you don't have to look as much and it helps traffic control (and accidents) but really it's just people in need of money. They do this all day too. Monica always tips them and at first I was kind of annoyed by their whistles and how some expected to be tipped, but then I realized that's how they pay for food day by day, and they could have a whole hungry family at home. Why not give them a small amount of 5 pesos for helping out?

Um, I'm in heaven.

Chorrizo. It's like sausage/hot dog but way more delicious. My mouth is watering now.

The impossible cake. It's a secret recipe in their family but they taught me and I made this on my own. It's to die for. 

Saw this on my run around the lake. These are the U.S. stereotypical Mexicans right here...working in the fields. But in all honesty, the people here are all normal and have all kinds of jobs, it was just funny.

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