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Sunday, October 20, 2013

October Showers

Well, it's October and the weather here is definitely fall weather. It rains a lot (especially in the nights), it gets really hot ocasionally, and some days the weather is perfect. However, the scenery doesn't compare to how fall is over in the states. There aren't many trees here and if there are they are just the normal plain, old, and boring color green. There are no bright yellows, oranges, and reds to brighten up the gloomy skies during the days. Also, they lack Halloween decorations and fesitivies. They do celebrate this holiday, but there are no pumpkins, corn mazes, haunted houses, carmeled apples, or, my favorite thing in the world, candy corn. Let me say that again. NO CANDY CORN. But no matter. Though this is my favorite time of the year back home, I get to make new memories for fall in Mexico and celebrate in plenty of different ways and I wouldn't trade it for the world!
P.S. If you are feeling generous you can always send candy corn my way! ;)


Some señoras making quesadillas and gorditas.

I made BBQ pulled chicken sandwiches with BBQ sauce from the states. The family loved it!

Bread from the cheap and so delicious.

 Churros and fried bananas...typical street desserts and snacks.

Mexican Sites:

The Zocalo (center of any Mexican city)

 D.F. (Mexico City)

 The Fair in Pachuca (another state up north).

 Paco de Lucia concert. He's the world's most famous flamenco guitarist.

My weekly sewing class!

 Daya's "pinterest" hair by me:

 Catholic Mexican house.

 Bugs in the house:
1) In the bathroom...a really fast moving bug.
2) Spider late at night on the stairs.
Not that having bugs in the house in unusual, but these ones freaked me out a little.

 It's guts.

I don't know if any of you watch the International Soccer Tournament right now but it's pretty exciting and everyone always has a party to watch their country. Mexico and the U.S. played the same day this past week and because Mexico was in last place, if the U.S. didn't win in their game against Panama, Mexico would not be able to go to the World Cup. Mexico was losing to Costa Rica, and the U.S. was losing to Panama, both 2 to 1. In literally the last couple minutes of the U.S. game (we were watching both games at the same time), the U.S. scored 2 goals and beat Panama. Everyone in our house was screaming and cheering and thanking the U.S. because Mexico now gets one more chance to make it to the World Cup! Every jokes now and says that the U.S. saved Mexico's lives and that the new Mexican jerseys will have part U.S. colors on it. 

So in all, I sure love my country.

(after the game)

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