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Saturday, November 09, 2013

Mexico City Temple & Friends

Today was an awesome day. Daya, Monica, and I went to the Mexico City Temple. The main reason why we went there was because I knew one of my good friends from BYU-I would be there because he is on a mission and is in the Mexico MTC for a couple more days.

We got there a little before he said he'd be getting out of the temple, at about 10:40am. But, after about an hour and tons of missionaries coming out of the temple, he was no where to be found. Then we asked someone if they knew an Elder Mantell and, of course, they said no. But, luckily there were apparently 2 groups of missionaries in different sessions and the other sessions would get out in about an hour.

Monica went in for a session in the temple, so Daya and I went to go eat really fast. As we were heading back to the temple, we saw missionaries heading out of the entrance. Scared we might miss him, we ran as fast as we could to get to into the gates to ask if any missionaries knew Elder Mantell. The first Elders we asked said they did and told us where he was so we found him! It was such a fun 15 minutes talking to him and his companions!

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