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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Wait...Mexico is Cold?


Yes, you read the title correctly. There have been some days here way colder than in Redding! Definitely not colder than Rexburg, but as cold as it can get without snow or rain. It doesn't help that my house is made of cement, making it colder inside than outside!

But, we are all surviving just fine. And the weekend was actually nice weather. It's kind of bipolar here.

I've been helping the Aguilar Family paint the inside of their house with Daya and it's actually been fun. We just put on music and get to work.

Every Monday, we go to the market in the afternoon. There's tons of food, cheap clothes/accessories, mexican trinkets, you name it. I love going because it's a really cultural experience and it's fun to look at all of the different things they have.

I finally went to a soccer game! We went to Mexico's national teams game against New Zealand. It was Mexico's final chance to try and make it to the World Cup next year in Brazil. They won 5-1 and the fans there were crazy! It was so fun.

On Monday, we went to a place where we paid to get pulled on a gondala with hundreds of other people. It felt like we were in Venice, but with a lot bigger boats. There was music along the river, food, and markets you could stop by. We also ran into a huge group of elderly gringo missionaries who are serving at the temple. I got to speak in English with them so that was cool! They told us to come visit the temple soon, haha.

I had to teach a lesson in Church on Sunday. All the girls were really helpful if I didn't know what to say. I feel like I can explain myself in any situation but sometimes I lack certain words to make myself clear. Overall, the Spanish is really coming along, luckily...because that is my goal.

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