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Monday, December 02, 2013


Story time.

This past week the parents went out to the movies while the girls stayed at home for a change. We were all in the study when the TV, lights, internet, and all electricity went out. Daya is extremely superstitious and kind of a scaredy cat when it comes to these things. She figured someone was in the house and turned off our electricity. She told us beforehand that someone called, she picked up the phone, and she only heard someone breathing. We get a good story like this every week, haha.

So, Leslie grabbed a huge knife, and we went up the stairs, checked all the rooms, made sure windows were closed, and then headed downstairs to see what happened with the electricity cord. While we were on the phone with the parents, Daya went out to check the cord. She said that someone had cut the cord! After we saw the picture she took we were all freaked out and begged the dad to come home and help us. (Note: they had no candles and only iPhone flashlights to see what was going on). Iker (the dad) came home and told us that the cord had been burnt through and broke because we had too many heaters plugged in. Pretty scary. But we cut the wire and tie the inside cord to the outlet thing. Just take a look. I guess we were just grateful no one was trying to kill us.

The electrical cord is connected to the grandma's house, right next door. Sometimes all of the electricity gets turn off in the house because someone bumps or unplugs the cord in the grandma's house.

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